Question Instantaneous temperature change?

Dec 28, 2021
So I currently use a very bad gpu, and because of such, I try my best to keep it cool for maximum FPS output. I currently use Mac fan control to monitor my gpu temps and I’ve noticed whilst playing games such as CSGO or Subnatica that my gpu’s temperatures will hit 95 ish C but opon closing the program, the temperature immediately says around 81 C???? I’m confused as to if I should be concerned regarding the temperature or simply ignore it. Any input would be nice.


GPU temperatures drop quickly when GPUs aren't in use; the cooling system of a GPU is designed to remove heat very quickly.

The concern is that the GPU is running at 95 degrees, which is quite hot for a GPU. But I can't say any more as it would be a wild guess, since you've told us just about nothing about your computer.