Intake Fan -> Radiator -> Intake Fan setup OK?

Nov 30, 2018
Hello Fellas,

I have a problem installing my CPU cooler into my case on the top due to interference with motherboard. Below is the details of the component I have problem with.

- CPU COOLER : CORSAIR i115 PRO (280mm)
- CASE : Thermaltake V200 TG RGB

So when I try putting the CPU Cooler on top part of the case as outtake, radiator interfered with the ASUS motherboard white plate near the I/O. I considered taking the plate out, but even if I were to take it out, I figured the cooler's radiator and fans would block the CPU power socket.

So, I decided to install the radiator and fans in front of the case as intake. Now my concern is:
I already have three built-in RGB fans in front of the case. Is it OK if I install the radiator and fans behind that case fans? The orientation would be like : Case Fans -> Radiator -> Radiator Fans like shown in the link below.

Case Fans CFM : 20~40CFM for each 120mm fan --> 40~80CFM for the first 240mm
i115 Pro Fans CFM : 105CFM (280mm)

Meaning, the radiator fan will "try" to suck in more air than the front case fan, but it won't be able to because it is limited to the air 'intaken' by the front case. Is this correct?

1. Would it be better off to just remove the RGB case fans in the front? (I'm not even sure if I can but I don't see how it is impossible.). Or would it be OK to just install such way?
2. IF I remove the case fans, should I put the radiator fan first such that it blows the air into the radiator? Or is it better the other way?
3. Any alternating solution? Because I do not want to spend another time organizing the cables in the case..

thank you for reading..
Please advise, Thank you !!!