Jan 11, 2010
I was wondering, how do i install a fan to be intake?
Is this with the electriccord towards the panel or towards the inside of the computer?
Some fans have a small arrow on one of the sides indicating the direction of air flow.

Generally speaking case fans will have their power cable towards the inside of the of the computer when used as an intake fan. In addition the data label on the fan's center hub will be towards the inside of the case.
To make sure you could always do the 9-volt battery test (connect wires to the + and - end of a 9 volt battery (I have an old connector from an old device that used a 9-volt battery with the other end of the wire stripped to use for testing) and then connect the other end of the wire to the Red(+) and black(-) wires in the fan plug - the fan will spin and you can see which direction the air flow is !!