Intalling a new heat sink


Mar 24, 2010
Tom , i'm having Intel Core 2 Duo E8400. i recently bought Cooler Master Hyper 212 plus. when i checked in the net my processor suppose to have temperature between 32 - 35 degree celcius on ideal state. but mine it still shows 44 degree celcius. i still heven't overclocked yet. what should i do? I already placed n tighten the CPU cooler properly.


Where does it say on the net that the temps have to be between 32-35? In any case, the cooler the temp, the better.

Did you apply thermal paste before placing the the third-party cooler on your CPU? Are you sure you properly seated the cooler?


LOL - i owuld love to see the day when a CPU is supposed to have a set temperature range. Does that mean Intel / AMD come round and set your home to a pre-defind temperature ? hehe

definately sounds like a poorly mounted HSF - though OP doesnt meantion what case / cooling set up he has.

1 Room temperature affects your temps.

2 32-35 is Idle temps not Ideal when the cpu is doing absolutely nothing it should hover in the mid 30s with that cooler depending on your room temp.

If you feel that your room temps are low and your processor is running too hot you might have not put enough thermal compound on which is not likely for newbies usually the most common mistake is too much thermal paste which will hinder the heat transfer to the heatsink. I would suggest removing the heatsink and look at the thermal compound see if it is makeing full contact with the heatsink. If it appears that it is making full contact, how thin is the layer? It should almost be see thru its only there to fill in the slight imperfections of the heatsink and processor to give good contact.