Question Integrated Audio Chip Borked?


Feb 13, 2017
tldr; friends on discord say my mic has heavy feedback and can't here me. problem persists on integrated microphone so headset isn't the problem. drivers are up to date. laptop hasn't moved in a couple days. no settings adjustments (turned off all post-processing effects I could find) help. assume integrated audio chip is borked.

About an hour ago I attempted to join a Discord chat room to only find that the other participants could only hear a heavy static feedback from me. I thought it might be my headset since I had accidently dropped it. I reseated the removable microphone on my headset, and unplugged the headset, and plugged it back in. With Discord's Mic Test feature in settings, I could still hear the feedback that everyone reported to me.

Upon listening closer, if I talked much louder, I could faintly here my voice, but it was completely washed out by this feedback. I assumed my headset was not just over-the-ear headphones and switched the settings on my laptop to use the integrated microphone (I only have one audio jack and Realtek allows me to configure it as input/output/or both). However, much to my dismay, upon using the integrated microphone, the feedback was still there. I unplugged my headset entirely, still there.

I moved on with my troubleshooting and attempted to update my audio drivers. With the automatic update option, windows determined that my drivers were up to date. I had a pending windows update, so I did that in case there was something there. Nope, no fix. Dug a little deeper, and there is no rollback option for my drivers, so moved on from that option.

I looked into alternative drivers, which lead me to attempt to use drivers for my headset, a Corsair HS50. I download the iCUE software however it doesn't detect my headset (nor my keyboard for that matter). I downloaded the audio drivers from the Asus Help Desk for my laptop model, and still no fix. So I move on and look for alternative drivers to Realtek HD Audio in general. After a bit of reading, I read that since Realtek is the audio chip, I have to use Realtek drivers (not sure how true this is). So I gave up on drivers being the problem.

A bit more digging around has lead me to believe that the problem is the chip itself. I'm not sure what happened. My laptop hasn't moved in a few days, I turn it off fairly regularly (although I just learned that with windows fast start enabled, is it really truly turned "off"?). I had no problems less than 24 hours ago, it just magically died.

I'm at a loss and not sure if I should accept that my integrated chip is borked, or if there's something I've overlooked.

Laptop: Asus TUF505-DU
OS: Windows 10
Motherboard: Asus FX505DU
CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 3750H