Question Integrated GPU isn't displaying image after dedicated GPU died

Jul 30, 2018
Today a was playing a game on my PC. The screen froze and headphones played a repeating tone. This did not end and no keyboard press did anything, so I restarted PC via harware button.
When the computer restated screen was full of little lines. Those appear in BIOS and in Windows. I think that my GPU is near death.

Until I get myself a new GPU I wanted to use the CPU's iGPU, but I can't get it to work.

So I unpluged HDMI from the GPU and pluget it into the motherboard to use the intergrated GPU in CPU but doing that doesn't produce any picture on monitor. Monitor shows no signal.
In BIOS I have Graphics Configuraton on Auto so that should work. I also tried removing the graphics card from the PCI slot completely, but it didn't work. Also BIOS was reset to factory via Clear_CMOS button.

System specs:
CPU: Core i7 4770K
GPU: Asus GTX 770
MoBo: Z87 Asus Maximus 6 Formula
Ram: 2x8GB Kingston
...other things shouldn't matter

Any suggestons?

Thank you for help.
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