Integrated HDMI versus HDMI from a Graphic card


Aug 14, 2010
This is a general question about HDMI. I was wondering whether HDMI coming from a dedicated Video graphics card is better than HDMI from an integrated motherboard in terms of refresh rates. I have a Dell SFF 390 i5 with integrated HDMI running Windows 7 pro.

I use it for my entertainment system (due its small size). I use my Yamaha RX-V481_R receiver HDMI ARC to a 40 inch LED Samsung HDMI ARC. However, my Yahama has standby through, so I can view(hear) the TV through the Yamaha or the TV speakers. I have not noticed any difference in terms of refresh rates in ether mode. I am just wondering if this has any effect since the HDMI has to pass through the Yamaha receiver.

The quality of the video on the TV is OK for website and streaming. I use a lower resolution in order to make the words bigger in order to be able to read it from the where I am sitting. The problem I have is the refresh rate going from various internet websites. It often goes completely black till it refreshes. It is not a really big deal and only wait a sec or two but I just wonder if a dedicated Graphic card with HDMI would be better for refresh rates. I imagine having the resolution to a lower setting probably isn't helping, as well.

It would be nice to have a bigger TV to be able to read the print better but that is for another time.