Intel® hd graphics 4000



Hello, i want to ask can i use Intel® HD Graphics 4000 for architecture
Hello, i want to ask can i use Intel® HD Graphics 4000 for architecture

I don't know what you mean by architecture.
I presume you mean some modelling apps.
The HD4000 graphics is entirely adequate for such things as HD movie playing and even some strategy games like CIV-4 .
Design apps should be fine.
For fast action shooters, perhaps not.

If you are in doubt for a new build, I suggest you try the integrated graphics first.
You always have the option to add a discrete graphics card later.

If your monitor has a resolution greater than 1920 x 1200, then you will likely need a discrete graphics card that supports such a resolution.


Nov 6, 2012
Agree with above that you need to clarify what you mean by "architecture". Being in that field myself, the answer is "it depends". For most all 2D/3D work you should be fine--most Revit and Rhino stuff will work fine (AutoCAD is a no brainer). However, once you reach a certain threshold of complexity you will run into trouble. There's one large project I'm working on right now in Rhino that did NOT want to open with HD4000, even though it ran fine with a six-year-old FX2500M (equiv to GT7900 GO), even though the HD4000 got better performance from all games that I tried to run. Ended up getting an AMD FirePro V4900 and haven't looked back (Got a V3900 for work, which is a much better value, almost the same performance).