Question Intel 10700kf vs amd equivalent?


Aug 1, 2017
I'm looking to build a new workstation/gaming rig (I know in the current market, what a moron) but I ain't paying anything over retail price, I'm in no rush. I was looking at the amd processors, the last one I used was the 3700x.

I'm now struggling to justify paying the rediculous amounts that are being charged for amd processors. And now I've stumbled on the intel i7 10700kf I don't need the graphics as Im trying to aquire a rtx 3070. This processor seems like a steal compared to something like that 5800x price wise. Would it be suitable for a workstation? I game quite a bit, have a 3 monitor set up, I remote a lot to pcs, and run coding software and remoting software a lot while browsing, watching videos and such. Is this processor good enough for what I'm looking for?

Just for comparison aswell the intel i7 10700kf I can get for £295 and the closest thing I can get for amd is the 3700x for £299, I know the 3700x comes with a decent cooler as I've used it before. So there's an extra price there but yeah.

Thanks in advance.


Aug 26, 2020
No issues building a workstation/gaming rig for me... I just had to go Intel over AMD because the pricing and availability are obviously better. AMD scalper tax isn't worth it.

That being said, you'd be fine with the i7 or even the i9 for a few dollars more as I did. Totally happy with my beast rig.
3700x is actually better than the 10700kf for some workstation tasks, but the 10700kf is better for others.

The 5800x is noticably better than both the 3700x and 10700kf for many workstation tasks.

However, all 3 can do most workstation tasks with acceptable performance for most people.

I suggest you look up performance figures for your most used applications and then make a better informed decision.
Most would be understandably hard pressed to yet call the 3700X 'slow' in too many kinds workloads, and, if it already seems 'not enough' for your workloads, I'd probably be looking at the 5900X, when/if you can find one in stock... (Vice just jumping to a competing chipset with slightly faster 8C/16t results)