Intel 10nm processor - Multiple release dates come and gone - 2018 and still no real definitive answer on actual release date


Aug 15, 2015
I am in the market for new PC hardware as I desire a refresh for my PC. I have been waiting for a long time for Intel to come out with a 10nm chip. Unfortunately for many of us, a release date keeps getting pushed back.

I want to wait till the 10nm chip comes out because the time of Moore's law is coming to a close and this will probably be the last significant update I and many of us will have to do for a good while. This wasn't always the case in the past. For gamers and enthusiasts, one would usually have to update every other year or so due to a rapidly advancing and progressing field.

Due to the laws of physics and quantum mechanics, we are just reaching a wall regarding making transistors smaller. Like an Olympic runner, we are trying to shave .001 or .0001 off of our times instead of full seconds. We are reaching a wall of what is both viable and feasible in the realm of transistors sizes and hence processor speeds. Gone are the days of speed doubling every one or two years (Moore's law). Now it is just small and incremental gains. Processors that are a few years old still hang with what has come out recently. This would have been unheard of 10 -15 years ago when processors were outdated soon after you purchased them. Unless something truly revolutionary happens with transistor and processor fabrication in the future because of the laws of physics, I personally think 10nm is the end of the road, which is why I am waiting for the release of a 10nm chip before my next upgrade.

It is unfortunate because I have been waiting for a few years for the Intel 10nm chip.

Intel said the 10nm would be coming:
The first half of 2016
Then 2nd half of 2016
Then first half of 2017
Then second half of 2017

2018 is now here and there are rumors on websites that it wont be released until 2nd half of 2018 because of fabrication and viable quantity issues. There are even some rumors that Intel will not publicly release a 10nm chip until 2019.

It is said Samsung has already developed and has begun mass production of a 10nm chip. If true, I have these questions:

1. Why has Samsung started mass production of a 10nm chip when Intel (the industry leader) has not?

2. Is Intel really struggling with this or

3. Is Intel, knowing that Moore's law is coming to an end, milking the situation financially by just releasing smaller improvements to processors because they have little overall competition, while Intel transitions away from the processor space to other spaces (such as AI etc.).

4. When do you personally think we will see a 10nm chip released from Intel?

[quotemsg=20559484,0,2062520]Could the security vulnerabilities be the reason for the 10nm delay?[/quotemsg]Only Intel can answer your question, but they probably won't if you only want one CPU. Any reply you receive is a guesstimate. Samsung don't manufacture processors; switching to new 10nm wafers makes it easier.