Question Intel 12th gen cpu bend/warp question

Aug 15, 2022
Hello who ever reads this I’m planning my build with a i5-12400f and a b660m motherboard just waiting on the case coming in next Tuesday. Going around and reading some forms users state the 12 gen CPUs start to slightly bend in the middle and cause issues regarding cooling and long term use of the cpu, a fix for this would be a anti-bending buckle sold by Thermalright on Amazon.
Is this still an issue on the 12 gen CPUs and is this contact frame recommended/needed?
This will be my first build so I’m not familiar with these new Intel CPUs and don’t want to run into any issues later on down the line .
Any help would be greatly appreciated sorry for the long ramble.
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You'll get various opinions from various sources.

Needed? No.

Recommended? Well, how worried would you be if you did NOT use the frame?

Would you pay 10 or 15 dollars to avoid worry, regardless of whether you should worry or not?

How tightly do you screw in the frame? How do you know when enough is enough? What if you do it wrong?

Are you an average enthusiast or an extreme enthusiast who loves to tinker?

How easily are you influenced by random opinions from strangers on the Internet?

Are you highly concerned with temperatures? How much is "highly"?

Etc, etc, etc.

That's why you'll get various answers. Around and around.