Intel 2600k Jumping frequency's?


Mar 27, 2010
I recently built a new computer with the Intel Core i7 2600K, I have it on basic stock (3.40GHZ) with Corsair H100 Watercooling. I am using a Asus P8Z68-v Pro/Gen3 mobo as Well. I use Core Temp to monitor my CPU readings and notice that it says my GHz sometimes drops to 1.6GHZ and the voltage fluctuates as well? Is this normal? I have not touched anything in the BIOS settings and everything is up to date as far as firmware. I also notice that when gaming and dont always use most of my cores at least 2 are 0-1% most of the time and I have to run about 3 games just to get them to kick in. I would love some feedback.