Question Intel 300 Series driver


Dec 5, 2013
My motherboard is MAXIMUS X Hero WiFi (Z370)
I update my chipset driver via Device Manager but after update the Chipsete 200 series is installed instead 300 series! How to update 300 series driver to latest? I also installed last IMEI driver but just IMEI updated and not effect on chipset driver.

After un-installing chipset driver and system restart, the 300 series returned but the driver date is wrong?!!!
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Overall, most of the changes to the Z370 chipset from the Z270 chipset are relatively minor. Obviously the support for the new Coffee Lake-S CPUs is a very big deal, but the odd thing is that for whatever reason Intel decided not to change the physical socket from LGA-1151. This means that you can install a Coffee Lake-S CPU into a Z270 motherboard without the need of a hammer and everything will appear to be correct - only the system will never actually be able to POST or operate correctly.

Besides support for Coffee Lake-S CPUs, the only major changes made from the Z270 chipset are the native support for USB 3.1 and support for PCIe RAID. This may be disappointing for those that were hoping for some cool new technology.

Latest from Asus downloads is
Version 10.1.17903.8106

You don't need to be updating chipset drivers very much after installing the latest. Most changes are very minor, things that won't be noticed.
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