Intel 520 on AMD Board - Slow Speeds


May 23, 2012
Hello all,
I'm new here and hope I can get some answers from all the experts here.

I have an HP system with an AMD chipset and A6-3620 processor. 6 gbs Sata ports. Running in AHCI mode. Fresh new install of Win 7 64bit. Intel 520 series 180 gb SSD drive and a 1 tb WD Caviar Black. SSD is boot drive. Less than 1/2 full. Alignment is correct and trim and AHCI are active. All known SSD tweaks are applied. All cables and connections checked.

Here are the benchmarks. No where even close to and reviews I have seen.

I know sometimes reviews are misleading so I ask the experts if these numbers look right or if I'm somehow missing something. These numbers are about twice as fast as the WD Caviar drive I have.



Thank you in advance