intel 775 chipset vs nvidia sli 680i chipset


Oct 19, 2007
intel 775 chipset vs nvidia sli 680i chipset
for now i am going to have a singel graphic card
but still i am looking to find whiche on of them would give me the best performance
most use of my computer wil be video edting and gaming


Dec 18, 2006
yea, 775 is the socket, which they both are, Intel has the 965, 975, P35 and P38 chipsets, so you would need to narrow which you prefer.

However, good news, if you go to you will see he did a recent review of the dfi lanparty p35 and compared all the above chipsets except p38 and they were all within about 2%-3% of each other across the board and all tests. This means you are pretty much ok with with ever you want. The only advantage of 680i (sli)edition as with the X38 is you have more OC and dual PCI-e 16x buses feature which you would not be using. So just buy the one you like the best really
If you plan on going SLI in the future for your nVidia video cards, then you must use an nVidia chipset because SLI does not work on Intel. (Why? Because nVidia won't licence SLI to Intel) If you are planning on a single card or ATI GPU's, you should go with an Intel P35/X38 chipset.

This could potentially change with the next nVidia chipset. But then again, Intel are already baking their next as well, so....
MB - For probably the 900'th time this is posted on these boards: Intel don't have SLI support on their chipsets because nVidia refuses to license SLI to Intel. Why? Because they can use their (currently) superior GPU's to drive nVidia chipset/mobo sales and put more money into nVidia's pockets.

It's not a strategy by Intel. Because they refuse to grant license, nVidia is forcing Intel to continue the Crossfire partnership they had with ATI prior to AMD's aquisition in order to provide dual GPU support. True, Intel could write their own. But would neither be SLI, nor Crossfire. Not to mention the support nightmare having to write and maintain drivers for two wholly separate, and highly competitive, 3rd party products. Both of whom issue new driver sets every month or two.

It'll be very interesting to see what Intel do when the Crossfire contract runs out... Anyone have any idea when that might be?
You stated it like it was some kind of intentional move by Intel:

Intel chipsets wont work with Nvidia SLI, but will work with AMD/ATI crossfire......isnt it an interesting strategy by Intel.

The "blame" (if any) belongs to nVidia. That kind of misinformation sets off the FUD alarm, don'cha'know...


Jun 14, 2006
I am also trying to decide for myself which mobo/video combination to buy... and so from all of the above i draw conclusion that if i will only use 1 video card i can go with P35 mobo and Nvidia video card combo? Im looking to get MSI P35 Platinum with XFX GeForce 8600GT card.


Nov 19, 2007
I'm looking for the same thing. I just bought a P35 MB last night and now the debate for myself is Single GFX card to play some games, or do I have to switch over to a SLI mobo for dual gfx cards.

So my confusion:
P35 MB with 2.33Ghz Core 2 Duo CPU
2G 800Mhz Ram
No vid card at the moment, going to buy it in the next few days. XFire or 8500GT (I'm poor. $99 for this card or $200 for 8600GT)

or AMD 5000+ CPU
MB with Dual PCIx -16
and go broke on 2 8600GTS over the next 2-3 months


Nov 28, 2007
That AMD setup will not use SLi 2 8600GTS's wouldn't be an option to run in Sli configuration. If you go single card, I would use your first configuration but buy the card for the money on the market right now. If you go AMD and want to run dual cards, I'd go for the ATI 3870 x 2.