Question intel 7th gen vs 9th gen ipc uplift ?


Feb 16, 2009
Is there any difference between 7700k and 9600k in single thread performance if oced to the same frequency and no ht, are the any advantages in ipc for the 9th gen there with single core ? Thanks
I'm pretty sure there's minimal differences in IPC, architecturally 7th and 9th gen are very similar, the biggest difference being 8th and 9th gen added more cores and bumped up clocks a bit thanks to Intel managing to squeeze everything they can out of their 14nm process. I think the 9th gen chips do have some hardware fixes for Spectre/Meltdown which might give it a slight edge under certain circumstances if you're comparing it to a 7th gen CPU with the firmware and OS updates applied, but it probably wouldn't make a big difference outside of maybe storage related benchmarks.
Minor difference due to having more cache but it's basically been the same since the 6700K. Intel was supposed to have been on Cannonlake by now on the Desktop but they never got to it. Cannonlake would have had a decent boost in ipc BUT nope. 2nd/3rd gen was the Bridge, 4th and 5th gen was the Well, and thus far 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th gen has been the Lake.