Intel 855GME graphics?


Jun 14, 2004
Hello all. On the school i'm going to go2 i can get a cheap laptop. the only (possible ) drawback to the thing is that for video it uses the buildin of the Intel 855GME chipset with 64Mb of shared video memory.

Now i want to know to wich 3d card i can compare the results of the Intel 855GME video processor?

I'm hoping of playing old games like Medal of honor and warcraft 3 on it. Will this Intel 855GME chipset be enough for that?

Or could anyone point me to some game benchmarks of the chipset?

thank you


Jan 20, 2003
Thats using intel extreme graphics 2. When i used to work at best buy we all said the only thing extreme about the intel IGP was how extremely bad they were.

But here is Toms integrated graphics guide. The i865 has the same Intel Extreme 2 graphics set, so your numbers would be very similar.
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Not a good gaming option, most laptop integrated chips arent.

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