Question Intel 9260 & Fenvi adapter antenna issue


Oct 31, 2018
I have an old desktop the spare bedroom I use for studying at night for my MBA. I had patched together a "network" using TP Link's Powerline AC1200 and used it to get online but recently upgraded our home network to an EAP245 access point that I want to use to connect to the internet, so I bought an Intel 9260 wifi card with a Fenvi M.2 to PCIE wireless card adapter for the 9260. I tried for over an hour to connect the wifi antenna leads from the adapter to the wifi card, no luck. I even tried using tweezers and set up my Note 9 to act as a magnifying glass and still couldn't get them snapped on. I ended up going to the store and buying a soldering iron and soldered (my first time to ever solder, btw) each lead's connector on the wifi card. I was very careful when I did it, but still, it was my first time to solder. EAP still does not show up in Windows, but I do see the SSID to direct connect to my HP printer that is right by the desktop. Should I get one of those desolder pens and try again? Any other suggestions? I wanted the 9260 after reading on Amazon that it blew the Archer T9E wifi card away, which is why I chose this route instead of just getting a pre-assembled something.

Note: the Fenvi card's antenna wires were both black. So I assumed left wire to left terminal, right to right.

PC Build:
Windows 10 Pro (build 19041.21), Asus F2A85m-Pro mobo, A10-5800k apu, 650 watt PSU, 16gb DDR3 PC3l, 120gb PNY SSD boot disk, PNY 1tb storage SSD, (in case any of that is somehow relevant)
AT&T Fixed Wireless router (>TP Link EAP245 ( [for now also: ...->Archer C20i configured as a wireless repeater -> desktop via ethernet]
Thanks in advance!