Intel 965GM vs Nvidia GeForce Go 7600. Which is best?


Jan 6, 2013
Hi there! I'm new to the forum and this is my first post. I think that for years i've been visiting Tom's Hardware forums and i would like to thank all of you for sharing knowledge!

On topic: I wish to know some differences between Intel GMA950 (965, NOT 945) and Nvidia GeForce Go 7600. Instead of buying the same motherboard for my laptop, i was thinking of buying a higher performance motherboard, compatible with the laptop case. I own an Acer TravelMate 2490 and i saw some other TravelMate/Aspire compatible motherboards. The GeForce chip, comes in three variants: GeForce Go 7700, GeForce Go 7600 GT, and GeForce Go 7600, but there is only one available for this compatibility: the GeForce Go 7600. I use this cheap laptop for most of my stuff, even gaming. The one i currently have, incorporates the Intel 945GM graphics chipset, for which i installed some modded drivers. From what i've read until now, i learned that the intel 965 supports Pixel Shader 3.0, while the 945 supports PS 2.0.
Say that i find a motherboard with Intel 965 and one with GeForce 7600, which one would be better?
Using modded drivers for the intel chip, i can benefit from the Core 2 Duo upgrade i made, but for Nvidia, i don't know if i can use any modded drivers, if i would even need.
I know that the intel graphics wasn't meant for gaming in the first place, but the 7600 ain't a high end hardware either. Intel might be slow and limited, but might be more stable and durable than nvidia, which could crash.
So the question remains: Intel 965GM vs Nvidia GeForce Go 7600. Which is best?
Thank you!