Question Intel 9th gen in 2021?

Jun 15, 2020
I need to build a computer for some engineering data processing and I was looking at the latest Intel chips and boards. (very tight budget, has to be Intel) Then I realize those 360 chipset boards are really cheap these days, 70 USD brand new. I also can get a vanilla 9700 chip around 200 - do you think it is still a good deal these days? I think I get some 10400ish system for the same price if I choose to go for 400-500 platform. What do you think? My reasoning is that 400-500 platform might be obsolete altogether anyway with introduction of DDR5 in near future?


DDR5 isn't going to render anything "obsolete". Furthermore, it usually takes 1 - 1.5 years for a new RAM spec to fully gain traction in the market due to pricing and platform support.

Pay attention to core/thread count:
i7-9700 = 8c/8t
i5-10400 = 6c/12t (10% lower frequency of course, but...)

Rule of thumb, 1 "core" = 1.5 "threads", so GENERALLY 8c/8t = 6c/12t. (consult actual review benchmarks for comprehensive comparisons).
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