News Intel Arc A770 Launching Oct. 12, Starting at $329

I presume the $329 price tag could be the starting price of the A770 for its 8 GB model. And not the 16GB SKU/variant, imo ?

Because the A770 card sports BOTH 8 and 16 GB VRAM, so Intel should have been more clear on the pricing of these Models. I still think USD 329 is for the 8GB variant.
Did they mention any partners for the A770? Or showed any AIB models? Any indication of volume?

I think the "Limited Edition" moniker is more like "Getting Rid Of Stacks Shenanigans" version, or "GROSS" for short. Maybe AsRock will put a model or two? That Chinese partner as well, perhaps?

Well, at least looks cool. It has functional RGB, so at least it has that going on for it. It is functional RGB, right?


Tom Sunday

Jul 24, 2020
It's awesome to have a serious 3rd player in the space now.
Your post says it all! Absolutely we need a third player in the market to shake things up and create increased and viable competition. Intel also has very deep pockets and financial strength which clearly bodes well for their future development capabilities of discrete GPU’s. I was actually amazed to read only a month ago on some of the tech-channels, that Intel will be canceling their GPU business entrée after having already invested over $1 billion into the new program. For me it had an underlying taste that some people actually wished for Intel to fail. But like Churchill once said at the end of WWII: “Battles are won by the one with the biggest checkbook!”

Naturally all of this is good for the consumer, besides Intel entering the market with a perfect timing as ‘mining and scalpers’ are now finally having vacated the landscape, then the unfortunate lingering of the US economy forcing much downward spending and especially for non-essential and luxury type items. I can’t wait to see how the ARC and Intel’s strategic GPU move will finally play itself out. Just perhaps there is hope for me after all in replacing my trusty EVGA 980ti and actually buy something new for a change and at a right price.