intel centrino, 800fsb anytime soon?


Oct 20, 2003
i searched everywhere looking for a notebook that wasnt a giant hunk of plastic with a regular p4 in it, that had an 800mhz fsb, and thier wasnt one. so im guessing thiers no intel centrino out that supports an 800 mhz bus =(... you think theyll come out with one soon?


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Centrino isn't a processor, it's a package of parts including a Pentium-M, chipset, and wireless network adapter chip.

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Jan 19, 2003
By Centrino I suppose you refer to the Pentium M processor. Well, right now P-Ms operate at 400MHz FSB but in Q2 2004 it is expected that Intel will introduced the new 90nm P-Ms, utilising a 533MHz FSB.

I also suppose that the reason you so eagerly want P-M with a 800MHz FSB is because you know that Pentium 4s have that bus and deffinetely 800 looks more impressive than 400 or even 533. Don't be fooled by raw numbers though. The P-M is still a great processor. A 1.6GHz P-M for example with 400MHz FSB can kick the ass of a 2.4GHz Pentium 4 using a 800MHz FSB. FSB is exactly right clock speed. On its own it doesn't determine performance, when talking about two absolutely different chip architectures. It can only be considered, like clockspeed, as a way of comparison, only when comparing chips within the same family.


Feb 6, 2004
> A 1.6GHz P-M for example with 400MHz FSB can kick the ass
>of a 2.4GHz Pentium 4 using a 800MHz FSB

I'd like to see some benchmarks that back that up. AFAIK, a 1.6/1.7 PM is roughly the equivalent of a P4 2.4A (400 Mhz FSB, as typically used in laptops) with a 845 class chipset. I doubt its even in the same league as P4C/800 2.4 on 875.

I will be looking forward to desktop Dothan or Banias reviews, but I think a lot of people are having unrealistic performance expectations. Its a great core, but without >> 2GHz clockspeeds and/or faster FSB's and/or more cache, its really not a competitor to the P4C/A64 performance wise -yet.

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