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Intel CEO Brian Krzanich Delivers CES Keynote; No 10nm Or 5G Updates

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Oct 12, 2017
Good article.

These signs taken together really look like Intel is loosing it's core market to AMD.
All of their CPU's for the next (2 years ?) will have the meltdown bug. They thought they're architecture was perfect but we just discovered it's flawed.

And the CEO bailed on his company, and isn't even addressing the underlining architectural issues that all of their CPU's face, which is the bread and butter for Intel.

1) Intel is behind in security. a software patch can always be exploited or reversed. Hardware fixes are much more secure. Therefore AMD is much more secure.
2) Intel is behind in architecture.. they have to patch. They were already slower than AMD in some computing segments, and only retained their lead in gaming. Those other segments just saw a 5-30% (some cases up to 50%) performance retardation due to the patch.
3) Intel needs to update their microarchitecture.. which will be impressive when they do it.. but it'll take a few years. Until then they're selling junk.
4) Thanks to the patch Intel is now behind in the current 14+++ nm speed race versus AMD.. and their falling behind further and further. AMD is moving to 12nm, and then to 7nm (thanks to IBM), while Intel's engineers leaks are suggesting that the 10nm fabrication is going to slower than Intel's current 14+++ and will may not even be available by Christmas 2018.

A year ago, when AMD announced Zen, never would I ever have thought that Intel was in jeopardy of loosing their core business to AMD... yet I can't for the life of me find a single good reason for anyone to buy Intel. That 10% lead in IPC for games is about to vanish.

And Intel keeps lying outright, stretching the truth, deflecting. They're acting like a company in trouble.


Jun 30, 2010

The sad part is that it really doesn't even matter, even if they're in the same position that they were in when AMD had the Athlon 64, they still won't be hurt in the way they need to be to really change. They'll still lie, cheat, and bribe their way to maintaining their dominance, and there will still be people that only buy Intel because they don't know any better, dont care to know any better, or they got paid to.


Jan 9, 2018
i think my fix would be to:
next week kill the processor section of intel sell it all.

move all funding into a all out push for AI jest completely take over that market and also go dark to the public, no interviews or nothing.


Jan 22, 2015
So intel's solution to security is to create a group of made of 100% non-technical executive management?

I don't think a group of eight-figure suits, whom all share the job description "maximize profit", will do a particularly good job at identifying and fixing low level flaws with their architecture and/or code.
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