Intel Coffee Lake Gaming Results: Core i5-8600K Cheat Sheet

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Feb 24, 2015

I agree, it's definitely not ideal. We are currently limited to the number of items in the bar charts because they are tied to the frame time analysis charts, which have nine entries. We are discussing this internally.

We do have the OC'd 8700K in the value plots, which provides the overall performance. As you can see, it is surprisingly close to the -8600K.
This is great info. I like the efficiency charts. It should also be noted that if you're gaming at resolutions higher than 1080p, the performance differences are significantly smaller. I'd like to see efficiency charts for gaming at 1440p and 2160p (maybe not so interesting?) while including i7s and i5s going back to the Sandy Bridge series if the data are available? I guess it would include current market value for the old processors which may be hard to obtain?


Oct 11, 2012
I just ran CIV VI AI test, Fire Strike and Time Spy on my I7-7700k, no OC, no tweeking in any way, XMP on the memory.
CIV VI after 3 runs = 18.29, not sure why I'm a full second off there.
Time Spy CPU Score = 5528, that's a lot better than the Tom's score. Pretty much even with the I7-8600K
Fire Strike Physics score - 13841 again, noticeably better than Tom's score

Any thoughts on these differences? My ram, video card? How can I lower my AI test score?

Is there someone at Tom's I can chat with about the CIV VI AI test.
I think I just confirmed that Graphics settings can have close to a .5 second impact on your average score. That seems significant.
I tried to get my score down to Tom's score of 17.35 and can't do it. I don't know what the difference is.
At stock 4.5ghz I was averaging 18.2x.
With an all core OC of 4.8 there was little to no difference which I thought was weird since it's a CPU focused test.
Keeping the 4.8ghz OC, I then dropped the graphics from 2160 60hz down to 1080 60gz with rock bottom graphics and memory impact settings with v-sync turned off.
Scored a steady 17.75 every time
Cranked the graphics back up to 2160 60hz max settings, v-sync on score went right back up to 18.2x
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