Intel cooler for i5 2500K


Sep 3, 2001
I'm putting together a new desktop machine with i5 2500K CPU on a Gigabyte Z68 MB. I've got an Intel branded E97378-001 cooler for it, but am a bit concerned as I cannot find a definitive spec for it and after Googling it there seem to be some sites saying it is rated for 95W CPUs which would be OK, but others say it is only rated for 73W CPUs which is not so good.

Also not found anything confirming it is PWM variable speed (although it does have a 4 pin socket) and so idea on max and min fan speeds if it is variable, nor on the noise performance.

Does anyone happen to know what the rating of this cooler really is, and/or what other characteristics are like and bottom line, is it going to be suitable for my new system?

I ended up with this one as the Akasa cooler I tried to order was out of stock from my local supplier. I'll not be overclocking the CPU at all, nor will I be pushing it hard very often but I don't want to end up with a cooler that is screaming away most of the time because it is under-rated.