Intel core 2 duo e8400 3.0Ghz

Jun 20, 2018
I have core 2 duo e8400 cpu and nvidia gefore gt520 1gb ddr3 gpu and am playing gta5 on 23FPS and maximum average of FPS is 40 but after some days it gives me only 15 FPS and the game is laggy but assassins creed 4 black flag running on low setting in 1152 * 864 resolution but i need more Fps so i am going to buy core 2 quad q9650 for gaming but i need help please tell me can i upgrade it or buy another for gaming and also i have only 5gb 800mhz ddr2 ram please tell me

I am waiting for ur answer ??????


Jul 18, 2013
Hi. Please list your full specs including motherboard and PSU and CPU cooler.

Q9650 will do on the same board as the 8400 but honestly the upgrade is not worth it. Your GT520 is quite week and will not take so much advantage of more cores.
What I would suggest (and I had both CPUs in the past) would be to strive for a stable OC of your 8400 to 3,6 Ghz (FSB 400 x 9). This usually works out nicely if the CPU cooler is sufficient.

Together with this you may consider upgrading your GPU to something like a GTX 750 ti/1050
From my view this will create more value in the right area.
He didn't specify whether he had an unlocked MB or not. The method I suggested will work on any MB that runs the E8400. Also his RAM timings won't change at all with this method. If he has an unlocked MB then he can overclock above his new base clock of 3.66Ghz.


Jun 30, 2010

Can you give us any more information about your computer? What motherboard do you have? I believe that you should upgrade to a quad core over that core 2 duo, it will definitely make several games more playable. That said if you do upgrade you're probably better off going with a modded xeon than getting an actual core 2 quad, but we would need to know your motherboard and system specs before we can help you with that. Also, you need to upgrade your graphics card, that GT 520 is also holding you back quite a bit, it you could pick up a radeon RX 550 or 560 or GTX 1050 or 1050 ti, they would blow your current card out of the water, and it would not hurt to upgrade to atleast 8gb of ram. At the end of the day though, you're on an old platform, and you would need a full upgrade before you can play most of the latest modern games well, if at all.


Sep 23, 2017
The number one upgrade you need there is a better GPU
Really your whole platform is weak but start with the GPU then get a better CPU/RAM/MB
Your setup is so old that buying a CPU and Memory is kinda pointless, you need a serious upgrade.
The GPU will still be usable when you get around to upgrading the rest later(unless you wait years again)
Jun 20, 2018

Jun 20, 2018
Sir i please tell me ur email i will send u some pics from cpu-z and every information an if u dont have please send me answer on my gmail

I am waiting
The GPU mod is number1. The E7500 CPU + tapemod costs $5 and will produce the best single thread performance which is what many games, especially ones a year or two old need. Money spent on a GPU,PSU or SSD can be moved forward to the next computer. If money is available for it the Q9650, or Q9550 are good also. Newer multithreaded games will respond to those better. DDR2 RAM will be obsolete,DDR3 not so much. 6GB with a 2GB GPU ,and 8GB if you can get a 4GB card. GT730,GT1030 GPU are only good for 720P gaming. GTX750TI is the minimum for 1080P and GTX1050 (Ti) is much better and is the fastest that will run off of the PCIe slot saving the cost of a bigger PSU. This assumes you avoid versions that need a 6 pin PCIe cable.
If you could tell us what MB, and PSU you already have there may be some other options.

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