Question Intel core i5 9400f for game center

Dec 15, 2019
iam planing to opening a gamecenter
and i was thinking about this cpu what do u think about it guys ?
Intel core i5 9400f
The Intel 9400F is a 6 Core/6 Thread CPU while the Ryzen is 6 Core/12 Thread, so for games and applications that can take advantage of that the performance boost will be noticeable..

I'm not sure where you are located but here in the US Ryzen motherboards also tend to be a little cheaper. B450 motherboards are usually well under 100 USD. The only issue is making sure it has the latest BIOS to support the 3000 series Ryzen or that the motherboard BIOS can be updated without a CPU installed.
Not bad but check my message above. The price of the mobo and CPU with a Ryzen most likely will be very similar due to the lowered cost of the Ryzen motherboard.

You also have an overkill of a PSU for that system. You can easily get away with a 550-650Watt PSU.