News Intel Core i5-9600K Now $230 At Amazon & Newegg


Jul 27, 2009
Given that AMD's upcoming 3600X will release at $249 with a 3.8 GHz base clock and 4.4 GHz boost, this still seems a bit pricey imo (IF the improved AMD IPC rumours are true). I'd wait till July 7th and the AMD Zen 2 benchmarks myself (unless you're doing a CPU only upgrade).
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Math Geek

i honestly don't think it matters what they price them at. Ryzen is already a better deal for most users and yet intel can't keep their much pricier cpu's in stock. if Ryzen 3000 series is 100% equal to intel at every turn, it seems folks would still be willing to pay a premium for the intel name/platform.

so frankly if i was sitting in an intel board room having this conversation, i'd just keep pointing at the fact intel cpu's are sold out everywhere most of the time and suggest we leave pricing where it is until that changes. if you want to sell 1 mil cpu's and have 1.5 mil customers, it's a no brainer to price them where the top 1 mil are willing to spend and not worry about the ones unwilling to pay. you still sell out and make more doing it. it's simple economics.

those who know will get Ryzen and intel won't be hurt at all until those 1 mil chips they want to sell sit collecting dust on the shelf. that's the only way for those prices to really drop is for folks to stop buying them, but we've seen that is just not going to happen no matter what AMD puts out.

*DISCLAIMER* the "1 mil cpu's" i use is simply an example number and should in no way be taken to mean that's how many chips intel makes/sells/has/or plans to have now or at any time in the future**