[SOLVED] Intel Core I7 10700k Is running several cores at 100% when left on idle

Aug 8, 2021
Hello i recently build a new system with a Core i7 10700k and a Asus Strix B460-H Motherboard and whenever i leave my pc idling after a little while in my Utilization i find that some of my cores start running at 100% and then my CPU Temp goes up drastically, And what's extra weird is that as soon as i move my mouse the temps and cores go back to normal and if i keep task manager open then it never does it at all, I am literally at the end of my wits with this and any help would be greatly appreciated. thank you
what are you using to track "my Utilization"?
this program itself could be causing excess random spikes.

Windows 10 is always working in the background.
loading prefetch data, checking for updates, optimizing tasks.
some of these processes can make random spikes in usage of CPU, memory, & disks.

opening Task Manager can make a lot these processes temporarily stop so that it receives all of the "attention" at the moment.
this would explain why the usage % would drop when opening it.
the same can go for peripheral devices being accessed.


May 22, 2020
It is usually Windows Defender that starts up after the CPU has been idle for a few minutes. As soon as you move the mouse, Windows determines that your computer is no longer idle so Defender stops scanning files. Next time you are bored just sit back and wait for this scanning to finish. It will sooner or later.

The Task Manager Utilization data is not the same as CPU usage. Have a look in the Task Manager Details tab for CPU usage or use Process Explorer.

Aug 8, 2021
Hello and thank you for your response's I have enclosed a picture link of CPUID HWMonitor of my system when its throttling up on idle this usually takes a few minutes but as you can see every other core runs at 100% and my CPU tempeture just continues to rise even while there are no background apps running and i have diabled windows defender realtime protection and the scheduled tasks. and still if i leave everything to sit idle for about 5-6 mins what you see in that picture is what happens and then as soon as i touch my mouse or press a key it stops.
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