News Intel Core i7-10700KF, with 8 Cores at 5.1-GHz, Now Just $289


Nov 2, 2013
Shame Intel did not see "forward", I love my 8700k and oh boy if AMD Motherboards are TOTAL TRASH they are half baked and there are maybe 2 with all features you may want on a single card, but with RTX IO and storage speed convenience there is absolutely no reason to get Intel.

I was looking now to z490 MSI as it supports PCIe 4.0 for Rocket Lake but

1) It is coming way way too late, March most likely end so nearly Q2 then Alder Lake is coming out who is going to purchase that? Only if you already have a z490, then it is a good deal provided it delivers.

2) Buy that now you cannot still use 4.0 and would have to sell it, getting peanuts, and buy another CPU by Q2.

Even for someone using intel for the past 2 decade (before I mixed with AMD depending on period) it is impossible to justify to buy a new mobo and CPU, even with mobo being PCI 4.0 compatible... as you will end up having to buy another CPU and most likely x590 as Intel itself did not want support to the new bus.

Their only way to get some business is for AMD to fail big to deliver their CPU, however it seems that deliveries are ramping up as time goes, now is still a paper launch, UK got less than 1000 overall.

If that is the case doubt even Alder Lake will do anything as people do not purchase CPU yearly, unless they come up with a 20% IPC over Zen 3.


Jun 18, 2015
I would be interesting to quantify if how much improvement the average user or gamer actually gets out of a top tier chip instead of a low mid range one. When playing can I tell I have 18 blazing fast cores backing my play ? or will a stocker 5 series do?

The best ability in a CPU or GPU this year may end up being availability.