Question Intel Core i7-12700 @65w with Gigabyte B660m DSH3


Apr 11, 2017

Is it safe to use an Intel Core i7-12700 at 65w with a Gigabyte B660m DSH3? I know that I should get one with VRM heatsinks but I plan to downgrade to an Intel Core i5-12400f. I won't operate the i7 at 180w.

Thanks in advance
You plan on downgrading to the 12400f? Then why would you get this CPU in the first place?

What graphics card are you planning to run and which Windows OS version? Because you realize the 12400f does NOT have integrated graphics like the 12700, and other models that don't end in "f", right?

How much memory and of what speed are you planning to run? How many DIMMs? 2 or 4?

What power supply model are you going to be running?

These are all questions that matter when choosing a motherboard because they are definitely NOT all of the same quality, performance or even compatibility as each other. Regardless of chipset family.
It will be fine it will just operate the 12700k at whatever W the board supports, you don't have to lock it down to 65W and lose a whole bunch of performance the board will limit it to whatever it can support.
Locking it to stock settings is good for heat and power use though.
If you can put some airflow above the VRMs it will be even better.
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