Question Intel Core i7-6600U, intel speedstep enabled, slows the performance, getting lags

May 28, 2023
Hi, i'm having Dell Latittude E5470 with specs of Intel Core i7-6600U, memory of 16GB and with integrated graphics AMD R7 M360. I'm doing testing such as open a browser, let say with 8 - 10 tabs, with youtube was opened, it seems the video lagging, and the performance of windows also getting slowed, and when i tested some of games, i'm testing MotoGP 13 its quitely smooth, but sometimes a little bit slowing, and then when i try to play some games such as Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town, its using the maximum requirement, and full screen, with VSync disabled, the game is lagging and the frequency of the processor dynamically increasing. Any ideas what's happened? or is there anything that i should do? TIA.
Dell laptops with 6th Gen low power U series processors are a poor choice if smooth and steady frame rates are important to you. These laptops tend to have a lot of inherent throttling problems. The CPUs are designed to continuously cycle between fast and slow.

Run ThrottleStop 9.6 and post screenshots of the main window, the FIVR and TPL windows so I can see your settings. Turn on the Log File option and try to play a game for at least 10 minutes. Copy and paste the log file data to

Post a link here so I can see how your laptop is performing.

There are some adjustments in ThrottleStop that might be able to help. Avoid updating the BIOS as this can make these throttling problems impossible to fix.

Edit - Open the TPL window and use ThrottleStop to enable Speed Shift Technology. This is the modern CPU control method that Intel introduced for their 6th Gen CPUs. It took Dell years before they started enabling SST in the BIOS. Speed Shift supercedes SpeedStep.
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