Question Intel Core i7-8700T CPU Upgrade?

Mar 16, 2020
Hello, need some advise...

I would like to upgrade my current - Intel Core i7-8700T CPU to the fastest cpu my mobo can take for Adobe use.
I am using this page as a guide. Can anyone please make a recommendation. I want to max out my unit.

I have upgraded thus far:
Corsair Vengeance 32GB
1TB Rocket NVMe PCIe M.2

This is my unit:

HP spec sheet said I max out at 16GB, but all upgrade tools said I can go as high as 32GB.

After a few hours on the phone with Crucial, which first informed me I the max is 32 and then confirming with Corsair, I made the purchase and did the install. Everything worked, and the computer reads the RAM. I performed multiple tests and the results are extremely apparent in performance and bench marks.

In theory the mobo says it could handle a 8700K, and cpu-upgrade and cpu-world sits says the comparability is 98% and 100% to take a step up:

If I were up upgrade my power supply and take other precautions, what would you suggest I do to give this a try? I eventually want to build my own custom unit, $3-$4K, but I just got this one 6 months ago, so I want to push the performance.

Many thanks.