Review Intel Core i9-10850K CPU Review: Cheaper, but Nearly Identical Gaming to 10900K


May 20, 2013
Why no benchmarks about Winrar? Last time I checked, Winrar compressed the files both to a smaller size AND faster. And please don't tell me that garbage excuse that Winrar is not free because (i)you can use it perpetually for free and (ii) since when do we only benchmark free software? Also, Winrar is far more popular. I know that everyone in a tech forum is like “I use 7zip” much like “I use Linux”, but if you step outside the forum bubble universe the majority of people use Winrar. Also the majority of downloads of compressed folders is in rar format and Winrar decompresses those faster than 7zip does.

Ah, and below is how Intel and AMD fair in Winrar. The 10900K is 2.94x faster than the 3900X in single-threaded and 1.82x in multithreaded. In percentages we are talking about 194% and 82.3% faster respectively. But yeah let’s say nothing about it but only test 7zip where AMD does well. In particular AMD is 63%/30% faster in compression/decompression at stock vs stock and 35.7%/ 25.1% in OC Vs OC. Good wins but much smaller over the ones Intel achieves in Winrar.


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