Question Intel core i9-10980xe : When does it go on sale?


Jan 10, 2009
I was wondering the same. After doing some digging, I haven't been able to find out much, other than that its supposed to launch in October, so we should start seeing it by the end of the month hopefully, or possibly sooner.
Lets keep this thread updated with any news that surfaces on the new x series availability.

Hopefully these wont be as difficult to obtain as AMD with their 3900 has been since launch. Those couldn't hardly be found without paying 50%-70% extra. Hopefully Intel has anticipated the demand these price drops will incur and has prepared accordingly so everyone doesn't end up getting price gouged. With all their fabs, they should be able to handle it as long as they plan accordingly, and if not, that just goes to show either how ridiculous their product planning dept is, or just how ridiculous this latest demand surge for high end chips has been.

I forget exactly where the guy posted this or I would have asked, but this guy posted a little while back before all this 10th gen stuff, talking about his 9900x "I'm sure glad I pre-ordered this for $500, since they cost nearly $1000 now"

I'm hoping someone paid attention back then. Did they really launch the 9900x for $500 and then it got driven 200% higher due to their 14nm supply issues they had back then along with unprecedented demand?

That's what it sounds like, so hopefully Intel gets it right this time, with its 14nm supply issues under control. 3 years later...supposedly.
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