Intel DB43LD Onboard Speaker Squeal?

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Jan 26, 2012
I've been battling a computer the past few days and am at the end of my rope. This is a computer that our shop (small mom and pop PC shop in Central PA) built in January of 2011. It's using an Intel DB43LD motherboard, Intel E8400A proc, 2 2GB sticks of Crucial RAM, 250GB WD HD, LG optical, and is housed in an In-Win case with a 350w power supply.

The computer came in for some misc. issues, but while working on it, I noticed that there was a strange sound coming from the onboard speaker of the motherboard. I called Intel and they replaced it under warranty, swapped in the replacement board to only have it do the same thing.

I've swapped power supplies, remove the USB and audio cables from front panel hookups, disconnected power and SATA cables to optical and HD, and RAM test and made no change. BIOS is updated to most recent on Intel website. I was running some virus scan tools as part of the remaining issues with the PC off of a USB drive. I didn't realize it until I didn't hear the squealing, but when a USB drive is inserted, the sound stops. That is if it's installed onboard on the back OR on the front panel. It does NOT work with just a USB keyboard/mouse.

I called Intel tech support with my findings and asked if they had any other suggestions... And it was to remove it from the case to isolate that issue. I pulled the mobo, power supply, HD, and optical from the case and fired it up... Only to have it continue.

Has ANYONE had a similar issue with this board? And... any resolution? The PC runs fine and acts completely normal, except for the squealing. But - to stop when I insert a USB drive? It doesn't make sense.
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