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Intel Desktop Kaby Lake Motherboards Could Arrive In October

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Maybe, but we cannot say that for sure. It depends on OEMs to add support with new BIOS updates for existing boards.

@littleleo: Sort of. The Z270 chipsets are mostly to add new features to the platform over time, not due to compatibility issues. It is true that all of the 100-series chipsets will need a BIOS update to work with Kaby Lake, but several of the higher-end boards can update the BIOS without a processor. So it does help a little with compatibility, but not a key factor.
As it is the longevity of intel boards are pretty short lived given that they only really support two generations of cpus (three if you count the interim refresh model) with little performance improvement from one to the next. It's already very close to buying a new board for each cpu.

If they made it to where the bios couldn't be updated to support the following gen it would likely hurt them pretty bad. For instance z87 working with chips intended for z97 with a bios update. If this didn't continue with z170/270 it would literally mean buying an entirely new board for each cpu gen upgrade.

That would further hurt sales I would think. For those who might upgrade from an i3 or i5 and choose to go with the newest i7 one gen ahead, they may decide the requirement of a new mobo wouldn't be worth it (buying a new gen cpu already isn't proving to be worth it unless it's a model upgrade not just a generational upgrade).


Oct 27, 2010
Any info about the 300-Series motherboard yet i.e. Z370? Will Cannon Lake be part of the 200-series chipset or the 300? If Z370, will Cannon Lake include PCIe 4.0 or not?
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