News Intel Develops Controversial AI to Detect Emotional States of Students


May 18, 2006
From the article,
Systems such as these can either prove beneficial, leading teachers to ask the right question, at the right time, to a currently troubled student. But it can also be detrimental to student performance, well-being, and even their academic success, depending on its accuracy and how teachers use it to inform their opinions on students.

In fact that's the least controversial part of the problems it can create. What about intrusion of privacy?

It's said DARPA's motto is that everything has two sides. Meaning it can be used for good and bad. The significance is that they don't mean it in a general way. They mean that it'll always be used for the good and bad.

Intel is also responsible for pushing a research that can read what you are thinking and translate that into an image/video on a screen. Remember the two side quote - what happens during future interrogations, where you have to struggle in your head to keep a secret? Where they can just jack you to a computer and see what you think?

The excuse is that it's going to be done to "help mental health patients and the disabled" or nonsense like that. Sure, only if that's how the technologies are used. It never is only used that way.

See how governments are starting to become authoritarian over the world with the covid thing, and technologies are starting to enable all the worst dystopian novels and movies put together. Not a good formula at all.