Intel DG965WH mainboard - use onboard video?


Oct 1, 2004
I am using the Intel DG965WH with an Intel Core 2 Duo processor. I run Windows 2003 Server. Just got tired of XP and can't stand Vista. I also find nothing can take down 2003 server. Runs like a beast and never stops. Anyway, besides that boring stuff this mainboard comes with an Intel GMA X3000 video system built on, but I also have a PCI-E 256mb Nvidia 6800 Graphics card from my old system. To get better video performance should I use the on-board video card (GMA X3000) or install my Nvidia chipset video card? I'm not looking for high end gaming type performance...I kind of just want to know is installing a video card into this board worth it? I don't know if this is correct, but I was thinking that the on-board video card would use some of the main memory and the added PCI-E card I have would use it's own memory that it has.

Any suggestions on what you think I should do with my little video question?

Thank you very much.


Aug 10, 2006
The 6800 will be more powerful, it will also free up some ram that is being used by the integrated video for graphics, it would be worth adding it in.


Using the 6800 does free up system ram. It also only burns about 30 extra watts. For onboard video the GMA 3000 is pretty good, but it can use up to 384mb of Ram if I recall correctly. It uses as much as it needs up to that amount.