News Intel Displays Core i9-12900KS With 5.5 GHz Boost Clock


Oct 9, 2019
If this Nuclear Reactor of a CPU will not beat the 5800X3D in gaming, it will be a huge failure for intel and Alder Lake, because both are claiming to be the best CPU for gaming (which is ironic and funny).

Even if it does beat the 5800X3D, I suspect it will be by less than 5% and at double the price (plus that heat and power consumption).

I can't wait for 5800X3D vs 12900KS reviews from HUB and GN.
KS again... I guess theres still people with lots and lost of money, who have no issue paying the extra premium for a 2~5% higher performance.

But as always better wait for other reviewers to test this new KS stuff.