Mar 29, 2019
Hi everyone!

I have a question with an Intel DQ45CB motherboard but my core question I think can be general stuff.

I have here with me an very old Intel DQ45CB I want to use for a project but every time I try to start system to test it I get 3 bips. For what I know this is a memory issue error bip.

At this moment I only have DDR2 533 with me, the specific board uses 667/800.

My question is this one:

I know that in general the opposite is possible. Example: if board support ddr2 533 and I install a 667 it will "downgrade" the ram speed and it will (may) be working at 533 but in this case, the ram I have is lower than the minimum required ram frequency for my board.

Is possible that is just an incompatible setup, need to get at least a 667MHz ram module or maybe I have something faulty here?

Sorry for my English guys, hope you can understand.