Question Intel Dual Band Wireless AC 3165 Issue


Jul 2, 2019
I have two HP laptops, both of the 15-baXXXcy series, differing only in case color. Both have the WiFi/Bluetooth combo card noted in the topic.

I use two different Xiaomi Redmi phones as mobile hotspots. Both of the computers connect to one of them getting virtually identical upload and download speeds, while when connected to the other one of the computers maintains the usual and expected speeds while the other slows to a crawl.

I can occasionally get a brief "return to typical" on the "slows to a crawl" machine if I disable and then reenable the WiFi network adapter, but this is even very inconsistent and stays at "slows to a crawl" far more often than goes back to normal. When it does go back to normal it doesn't ever stick permanently.

I have installed, and verified that the settings are identical, the latest drivers for the Intel 3165 as well as made certain that the Intel PROSet/Wireless software is exactly the same version as well. I intentionally uninstalled both the device and associated drivers before reinstalling on the recalcitrant machine.

I am at wits end at this point, as I have tried every possible thing I can think of, and this situation was not always this way.

If anyone has suggestions as to what I might try to see if I can rectify the "slow as molasses" (as in less than 2Mbps) download speeds on the recalcitrant machine I'd love to hear them.