Question Intel Dual Band Wireless module extremely low speeds (vs smartphone in the same spot).

May 17, 2022
~HI there.

I've got a B450I GAMING PLUS MAX WIFI that comes with the Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 3168 module.
It supports Wi-Fi 1x1 802.11ac, dual band [2.4GHz,5GHz] up to 433 Mbps speed.

My service is 200Mbps down / 100Mbps up. I've got the 5GHz separated for full 5ghz speeds.
The computer only get 26.49 Mbps down and 32.98 Mbps. Yes, it is in another division and there is wall, but if I put my phone down where the Wi-Fi Antennas are, I get the 195 Mbps down & 102 Mbps up.

The Wi-Fi Antennas alone are bigger than my phone so it makes no sense. Any help / tips?

Note: I've tried an extender as well even tho the distance is small, it is a bit better (as in 51 / 32) but not by much and inconsistent.
If you look at the status on the wifi connection what does it show the "speed" to be. This really isn't the speed but it does represent the data encoding. You should see 433 if you are getting good signals and are actually connecting to the 5g radio.

You of course do not get even close to the number as a speed but it should be closer to say 100mbps than what you are getting. The speed you get are acting like you are using the 2.4g radio band.

There are 2 things I suspect for the difference between the phoone and the pc. First I suspect the phone is using 2x2 mimo which will give it a "number" of 867. This is the most common wifi configuration. In some ways it is surprising your pc has 2 antenna connections when it is only using 1x1 mimo.
The second thing maybe even though the antenna on your pc are much larger they are also much closer to a big chunk of metal that blocks the signals. The best desktop wifi cards allow you to extend the antenna to the top of the case. It might help to turn the pc in different directions.