Intel e4600 Overclocking Need ADVICE!


Sep 26, 2008
I have a gigabyte ep35c-ds3r mobo, and it the first time i went for a gigabyte board, have read the manual and have applied a Artic cooler extreme cpu freezer, i have a sli x 8800GTS 640mb+320mb (320mb @ physics only setting!).
My ram is Kingston HiperX 1066MhZ and it currently @ 800Mhz - setting by the bio's ,
My processor is a e4600 stock setting @ 200cpu ratio (2.40GhZ) - (memory mutiplier @ AUTO-loads@ 800MhZ) oviously my new grand theft auto game was'nt running smoothly and needed to overclock this cpu so memory is quicker, i contacted gigabyte and they said put my FSB @ 266 (3.20GhZ) and memory mutiplier @ 4.0+, which leaves the system and Vcore voltage @ 1.418 and system should boot stable in most cases's!,

But yet mine dont when i set it to that it loads into windows for 5 mins then bsods, Is this a voltage problem or what cause im new to the gigabyte auto- bios, i know what they all mean as i read manual but what i dont no is how to get windows stable @ 3.20Ghz as the cooling is fine is bsods due to something else>

Any help?


Dec 6, 2008
I'm currently using the E4600 myself and I have it OC'd to 3.2GHz -- been using it like this for nearly a month now, stable as ****.


My BIOS vcore is 4.25v which gives me 4.0v in windows(as you can see)

Asus P5QC motherboard
800MHz Corsair RAM OC'd to 4-4-4-12 @ 2.0v

All I did was read this bro