Intel E8400 at 400x9 = 3.6 Ghz and effects on XP operating system


Apr 1, 2009
Adventures in running at E8400 at 400mhz bus speed.
Topic: effects on Windows XP operating system

mainboard: ASUS P5B-e, bios 1803
400 x 9 =3.6 Ghz (C1E=yes)
vcore = 1.2625
Mem= 5 5 5 18 (1.8v) manually entered (non-SPD) ([qty 2] DDR2 800 dual channel)
PCI freq= 100

The effect of an improperly over-clocked E8400 on the Windows XP operating system seems to be this : (Assuming one bad over-clock (non-over voltage), then use of info as per above)= CPU fails Prime95 benchmark testing using info (as per above)

a CPU that appears to be defective, after over-clocking sessions, when tested on a fresh install of an XP operating system, then tests out (at 3.6 Ghz as per above) as being non-defective (passes all tests on Prime95).

How can an XP operating system be corrupted by over-clocking?
How can one correct this XP operating system corruption without a fresh install of the XP operating system?



Nov 17, 2008
Are you thinking that errors due to overclocking too much have affected your OS? I think it is possible that errors caused a corruption of something on your hard drive, but I haven't actually heard of it happening before. If this did happen, you would have to reinstall the OS because you wouldn't know what exactly was corrupted.

Otherwise you would just adjust the settings in BIOS and go on.