Intel E8400 normal temperature? Real Temp or MoBo software right?


Mar 26, 2010
Hi, I just got a e8400 wolfdale chip and a foxconn mobo.

I notice that real temp shows the highest temp core at 48-51 at idle, and has gone as high as 71-74 under load. Is this too hot?

Also, my motherboard software (Fox One) shows the "CPU temp" at between 38-45 degrees even under load.

Which one is accurate? Should I worry? I upgraded from a P4 that only got up to 43 degrees under load :??:


May 29, 2009
The temps that realtemp shows are a little higher than I like to see my CPU get, but not terribly damagingly high, however, the motherboard temps seem to be more what I would expect to see. I don't really know which one to trust, but maybe you can see what temps you see just in the BIOS? Also- see if you have any offsets or whatever set in Real temp. Maybe get something like Coretemp as well, just to have another independent source of temp info and see which one it corresponds to.
Realtemp is pretty accurate - I wouldn't trust my motherboard's CPU temp monitor lol, it's around 10-15 degrees Celsius lower than what Realtemp and Core Temp report.

According to Intel, its max CPU case temp should be 72.4 degrees Celsius. I'd try and get the temps down to 60C-70C to be safe.