Question Intel HD 630 capping my GeForce GTX 1060?


Sep 13, 2016
Hi everyone.

First of all, excuse me if I fail with my english, it is not my mother tongue.

I have this laptop: which has Windows 10 and two GPUs: an integrated Intel HD 630 and a GeForce GTX 1060.

I have always felt like my laptop wasn't developing at its true power and recently I bought this monitor: (flat, 24'').

I wanted to "disable" my laptop screen and use only my new monitor as display (using mini displayport to displayport), so I tried to "Show only in 2" like this (sorry about spanish screenshot):

And I got the problem related (& solved) here:

After restarting Windows, my laptop screen was simply non-existent. It was always OFF and I could not even find it on Windows. Don't know what happened but it seemed like it was uninstalled. Anyway, everything was looking fine and working properly, tried two games (PUBG & Escape From Tarkov) and they were running smoother than ever, more FPS than ever. So I went to sleep so happy.

The day after, I started my laptop and its screen was ON but without "lags" problem, so I thought it was ok. I checked graphics performance with the same games I played the day before and they were on point, smoother than ever.

But then I started streaming (not for the first time, I do stream and, repeating which I said at the beginning, "I have always felt like my laptop wasn't developing at its true power"). For example, BEFORE doing all the "new monitor-laptop screen OFF-YouTube tutorial-thing", I could stream PUBG or Escape From Tarkov developing at 40-60 ingame fps with some overloads in OBS (output 900p 60fps).

So back to "But then I started streaming". I started streaming and games were again smoother than ever (PUBG: 80-140 fps, Escape From Tarkov: 60-90 fps) but my stream was lagging like hell. Not simply overloading a bit; you were unable to watch it. Something like this
but more lagged. I checked and my 1060 GPU was over 100%.

After that I thought: ok, let's disable Intel graphics, just to try. I tried to "Disable device" like this (sorry about spanish screenshot again):

And it worked. I was playing smoother than ever, high fps ingame performance (both games), smooth stream + no overload while streaming and no 1060 GPU 100% usage.

So, my main question is why? Is my Intel graphics capping somehow my GeForce graphics? Could someone please explain it to me? And is there a proper way to fix it? Disabling devices does not seem like a very good way to do it for me.

Thank you very much in advance and sorry for this looong post.



Nov 26, 2017
No, the Intel graphics is not capping the GeForce graphics.
I think your laptop screen uses the Intel graphics so games would use that
The monitor is connected with DisplayPort to the GeForce graphics so the Nvidia GPU will process all the graphics for the screen and games so since it is a dedicated GPU, it's more powerful than the Intel integrated graphics