Intel HD Graphics 2000 \ VGA Spliter DVD issues




I have been replacing the in a school that I work in.

All the new PC’s use Intel HD Graphics 2000 integrated graphics chips. I have the driver version

The school uses VGA splitters to split the signal between their local monitors and projectors that are used in conjunction with interactive whiteboards.

I found that one teacher could not play DVD’s. This happened with all the DVD programs that I tried. The error messages where always on the line of Unable to play protected content.

I uninstalled the drives and found that the DVD’s ran correctly when only using VGA.

I then tried attaching the PC directly to the monitor and this also worked. I have concluded that the problem is to do with the graphics card drivers combining with the VGA splitter (most of the splitters work but not all).

We purchased a Startech ST122L 250MHz VGA Splitter and this produced the same error. Has anyone else experienced this problem?

I noticed that there has been a new driver released since
I have last looked ( Does anyone know if this driver fixes the issue?

It almost sounds as if your integrated graphics is detecting the VGA splitter and telling windows not to play protected content as it probably thinks your trying to copy the DVD's (which isn't the case here).

How long are these VGA splitters you are using?

You mentioned most of the splitters work, but not all. Are they different brands of splitters?

As for the graphics driver - have you tried installing the latest version on a single computer to see if it works with the splitter?

One more thing - what is the max resolution of your projector? Since your using a VGA splitter - you might have to match the resolution of your desktop to the max resolution your projector.


Nov 4, 2011
Hi Chainsaw,

Thanks for the rely. I have only now been able to access the school as the have been on holiday. The splitters are more like hubs. The following is a picture of a hub that does not work. The Hubs are all different brands. I dont think that the projecters have anything to do with it as they play DVD's using that projector when the projectors are switched of \ hubs are changed for other brands. I have fixed my current issue. WHat I am conserned with is that we buy splitters that work with our desktops in future as we will be installing more whatboards.