Question Intel HD Graphics 530 makes my gaming laptop unusable?

Jul 23, 2019
ASUS ROG GL552VW - gaming laptop

Intel Core i5-6300 HW CPU 2.30 Ghz 2.30 Ghz


GTX 960M

Windows 10, 64 bit


So here is the thing. I was playing on this laptop for last 2 years without any problem. New games, old games. New games sometimes on high settings, running smoothly.

But for last month, I cannot play anything, I cannot work with 3d software, I cannot watch videos on twitch and youtube with more than 15 bookmarks in chrome, because PC will freak out or even better - it will BSoD me 5x per evening.

Problem is, whatever I play, even games 1500 years back in time on low settings, Intel graphics HD 530 decides to jump on 100% for no reason and then crash my game to desktop, without any error message. Tried on every single game on steam that I own, and I do own a lot. I was trying to reinstal windows back to factory settings, I was uninstalling new, old, every graphic drivers manually. I paid 50 euro for a laptop service. Nothing helped. I have 1300 euro gamign laptop which cannot play "mines" or "poker" without crashes. When I let any game run without moving, it will play. But when I do something (end of turn, open a map, enter a car, pick up something), it will crash because of intel graphic card.

When its in the mood, it throw BSoD on me with DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE. (Before it was sometimes VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE (nviddmk.m.sys))

I am really flustrated since I spent nearly 80 hours during this month just to solve this. Finally last week I found the problem (intel GPU jumps to 100% and crash the game/ browser).

Look at this screenshot of task manager:

those spikes are reason of those crashes most probably. its running on 4%, and then boom, 100%.

Any ideas what it could be? Btw, it got much worse after Windows update, before it was in a few games, since update its in every single game ever made.

I would be really glad for any help, I am so tired of solving this and next time I see BSoD, this laptop is flying out of a window. Thank you very much for your time, I appretiate it!
Intel graphics is not your problem.
From your error codes and performance graphs the Intel graphics only come on when the game crashes and the Nvidia card crashes.
Monitor temps with afterburner, EVGA precision etc... to check for overheating.
Did the shop clean it? Fans and vents?
replace thermal paste?
Jul 23, 2019
THey did not. I actualy went there with purpose of cleaning, since I was suspicious it can be temperature, but he said its not necessary, so I was trying to find another problem.

I tried 3 different softwares to check temperatures (EVGA, Core Temp, HWiNFO64) etc.

I opened game menu and left it iddle. Came back after 20 minutes and temperatures were 80° for graphic card, which is fine I guess, but CPU was:

core 1: 93-96° (C)
core 2: 88-84°
core 3: 82-89°
core 4: 86-89°

I was looking for reccomended temps and it should be around 80°. Maximum is set for 100° and if its 96° in iddle menu, most probably those crashes and BSoDs are after 100° limit during gameplay.

I will clean it and replace thermal paste and will keep you updated.