Intel HD on board microphone issues


Jul 31, 2007
Hi all,

I'm really frustrated with an issue I have been working on for 3 weeks now. My new Intel Mobo HD sound has microphone issues. I have updated to the latest and greatest drivers, Bios and OS patches. Here is my issue: I record audio to do Voice over on video but neither the front or back microphone inputs give me a high level input. What I mean is the sound is faint when I record no matter how much I put the levels to the max. When I try my webcam mic it sounds fine but that's USB sound, with the microphone in either front or back it sounds faint and it doesn't even give me green bars when testing from XP sound recorder test. I don't have any PCI slots left on this board so internal sound is out of the question. Intel doesn't have anything on their knowledge base. ASPI drivers do not fix this issue. I can't find anyone who has similar problems. My case has cable for AC97 and HD and both act the same way. Microphone has been tested on other computers and its fine (2 of them). Bios setup is able for sound.

Windows XP Pro SP2
Intel® Desktop Board D975XBX2
Intel Core 2 Quad processor
2 gig of RAM
PNY GeForce 7300 GS 256MB PCIe Graphics Card
Hauppauge WinTV-PVR-150 (1045)


Aug 21, 2007
Hey, Just registered. Trying to search google to find related info and this popped up finally.

I have the exact same problem. Sound is picked up with MIC and LINE-IN.. however it's faint. It's almost like the sound is simply not getting AMP'd by the mobo. It's almost impossible to use the mic in any program unless you can boost it by about 400% or more.

I have this problem.. and let me tell you, my friend built the exact same computer and we both have the problem. It's a problem with the mobo OR the drivers. I really don't know which. I also have no idea WHY it's so hard to find information on this problem, and I don't know HOW this mobo could have shipped with this problem. Especially being a revision 2, you know?

Using XP Pro SP2, with C2D processor, 4gb of ram, 8800 GTS video card.

If you find anything new, please let me in on it!